Protect your business from E-commerce fraud

The US Federal Trade Commission’s report reveals that the biggest e-commerce fraud concern is identity theft.
Stop online fraud by verifying your user’s identity. 

 Make your customers feel safe about online transactions.
 Verify your vendors/sellers/suppliers and prevent online fraud. 

We offer a preventative strategy for online fraud

Ensure that your customers are who they say they are.

It can be difficult to check the identity of who is using the card in an online setting. While asking for card security code is a good preventative measure, unfortunately, it isn’t always enough to prevent online fraud. Argos KYC can help you minimize the risk. KYC photos taken in real-time prevent identity theft on your e-commerce platform. 

Know your business partners with Argos KYB

To reduce fraud, businesses need to start taking precautions by confirming the identity of their business partners. It is important to ensure that your vendor/supplier/seller is not involved in any illegal activities when doing business with them.

How it works?

A simple and enjoyable KYC process