The ultimate tool to ensure your regulatory compliance 

Argos KYC’s advanced AI-powered KYC and AML screening streamline digital onboarding process for financial services


Contactless ID verification
& AML risk analysis

Seamless customer onboarding

Compliance with the FATF standards
and global AML requirements

Verify your customer’s identity and assess any associated money laundering and/or terrorist financing risks before onboarding .

 Comply with regulations and improve customer
experience with Argos

We help clients to stay ahead of the regulatory curve and focus on their core business

1. Argos Know Your Customer service for individuals

2. Argos Know Your Business for corporate entities

3. AML Screening & risk analysis

No need to sweat over regulatory requirements

Verify the identity of the customer and ensure they are not performing illegal activities
just the way financial authorities want it from you 

Efficient onboarding process

Offer customer an enjoyable onboarding process while reducing fraud. Knowing customer’s identity keep your business safe from illegal activities such as money laundering.

Focus on your core business

Let us deal with KYC & AML screening and relocate your resources to generate more revenue. No need to employ more people for customer onboarding. It’s readily available at Argos KYC.