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Identify Anyone Anytime Anywhere

Argos KYC aims to provide a global online identity verification solution for KYC and AML screening.

– KYC: AI-Powered Identity Verification
– KYB: Know Your Business
– AML: Anti-Money Laundering Screening

Simple & Fast

Argos KYC Liveform and API

AI Technology

ID data comparison with AI technology

Seamless Design

Hassle-free onboarding experience

Global Compliance

Comply with international regulations

Argos KYC Overview

KYC: AI-Powered Identity Verification

AI-powered ID document verification
Over 4,000 ID documents from 210 countries
AI-powered face verification
Liveness detection
24/7 instant KYC processing

KYB: Know Your Business

UBO Identification
Risk analysis on money laundering
AML screening report
White-labeled submission page

AML Screening

Up-to-date global AML database
Real-time AML reports
Multiple language support
Global AML compliance

Customer Testimonials

Argos KYC News

Real Estate and KYC | ARGOS KYC
Real Estate and KYC | ARGOS KYC

Learn how KYC can help to increase security in the real estate industry and protect your investment. In the world of real estate, "Know Your Customer" (KYC) is an important concept. It's not only about knowing who you're doing business with, but also making sure that...

Types of ARGOS ID and How To Choose The Right One For Your Business
Types of ARGOS ID and How To Choose The Right One For Your Business

If you are a business requiring compliance with the Crypto Travel Rule, it is essential that you research and opt for an effective method to identify customers. Having an appropriate procedure makes it easier to ensure that there is full compliance with regulations,...

Identity Verification Form | ARGOS KYC
Identity Verification Form | ARGOS KYC

As a business, you are required to verify the identity of your customers - this is called Know Your Customer or "KYC". There are a few different ways to complete KYC, but one common method is to use an identity verification form. ARGOS offers an online KYC solution...

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