Argos Know Your Employee Service

It is always challenging to remotely verify new employee’s identity
Protect your business from identity fraud/theft with Argos KYE service

How can Argos KYE help with remote recruitment?

The COVID-19 precipitated the shifts toward remote hiring and this trend is likely to continue post-pandemic.

┬áVerify new employee’s identity and keep their information safe from fraud
Create a smooth and functional onboarding process for your new employees
Examples of phishing emails delivered to job seekers and job seekers

Know Your Employee service for all businesses

Invest in digital KYE service that help you offer seamless, secure identity verification


Digitally verify identities of new employee
No more in-person approach to checking new employee’s identity

Seamless new employee onboarding process can boost new-hire retention

Protect your business from identity fraud

Save resources for HR management and increase productivity

Your trusted business partner, Argos