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Online identity verification on e-commerce | Argos KYC

Are you an Amazon user? Do you buy often from Amazon? If you have the experience of buying products from Amazon, have you ever doubted whether your purchase is going to be wrong? It’s quite hard to have question marks on the purchase you made on Amazon. We believe this is due to Amazon’s policy towards the seller. Amazon requires a high standard of identity verification including many papers submitted.

Let’s take a deep look at becoming an Amazon seller. Amazon requires an identity check from the seller by requesting numerous documents. The documents include 1) full valid passport, 2) National Identity Cards, 3) Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement addressed to the individual and dated from the past 90 days. These papers are required if you want to register as individual sellers and business owners.

Amazon explains the process is required by law for the use of a payment account. ‘As per European Regulations and Laws, verifying your identity is required to allow you to use our payment service.’ Therefore, if the required documents and information are not provided, then it will be unable to register as a seller on Amazon.

Besides what Amazon says about the reason for requiring identity verification to sellers, we believe that this is to protect any unethical and illicit behaviors from anonymous. Scientists have found a tendency for many people to act rudely, aggressively, or illegally when their faces and names are hidden. So for the protection of the brand’s reputation from any possible claims due to misbehaving sellers on online, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon are increasing for a transparent environment.

What you would need to prepare as a Seller on Amazon
Example of what information you need to provide as an individual seller

Developing credibility towards the brand itself, in the end, provides a safe and sound environment for both the seller and the users. Customers can enjoy the safe and trustworthy platform where you know you are being protected. Amazon believes transparency can prevent any counterfeit actions from the seller.

Therefore, large numbers of companies are looking for a KYC solution provider covering the identity verification process on customer documents, face-matching selfies, and checking the KYC/AML watchlists. Save your time and energy on checking all those individual documents by yourself. Implement a KYC solution provider where all your concerns are covered. Contact Argos KYC as we got you covered.